Online non-bank loans – for whom?

Online non-bank loans – for whom?

Online non-bank loans are one of the fastest and most easily available types of financial support. The Financial Market Development Foundation has published the latest information on this sector, which shows that the value of financing from loan companies accounts for only 0.5% of the total consumer loans. What is the conclusion? For whom online non-bank loans will be a good solution? What are the award rules?

Online non-bank loans

Online non-bank loans

The non-banking sector is one of the dynamically developing parts of the financial market. The loan companies that belong to it offer consumers products that are an alternative to bank loans.

We can use the loan in installments or payday loans. Requirements for borrowers are less stringent, which has consequences in the form of the availability of lower amounts than in the case of bank offers. What else?

Loan versus loan – the amount of the liability

Loan versus loan - the amount of the liability

As we have already mentioned, online non-bank loans have a higher grant ratio and the criteria for the applicant are less stringent than for loans. Therefore, the amounts we can apply for and the ones we finally receive differ significantly.

As an applicant for a loan company, we can count on help in the amount of PLN 2,600 on average. On the other hand, consumer loans amount to an average of PLN 18,500. Therefore, it can be concluded that people with high needs should improve their scoring and go to the bank.

However, consumers with lower scores also have a chance for higher amounts than average. If our expenses are slightly higher, it is worth using an installment loan.

Financial Market Development Foundation


The Financial Market Development Foundation (FRRF) was founded in 2016. It performs a representative role of the largest loan institutions in Poland. Her tasks include, above all, caring for the development of the financial sector and ensuring the highest level of consumer safety. He also builds relations between the largest representatives of the non-banking sector and public institutions as well as consumer organizations. This is to enrich clients’ knowledge and financial awareness.

The FRRF controls the changes in the non-banking sector on an ongoing basis and makes them available in the form of analyzes, reports or press information. At the same time, it promotes good practices and ethical behavior in the environment of loan companies.

Thanks to the information provided, both the client and industry specialists can broaden their knowledge and have access to the latest data. On November 5, 2018, the ‘Non-bank loans market complements the banking sector’ was published, where we will find information to answer the question: Who is online non-bank loans available for? In addition, on their basis we can isolate the basic differences between a loan and a loan.